Ka Maluhia

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Ka Maluhia

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Ka Maluhia, meaning “serenity” in Hawaiian, is an oil painting on canvas depicting two young girls, dressed for a Hula performance in Honolulu, Hawaii. Their long wavy hair is adorned with large flowers of cream colored lilies and their necks are graced with leis of fragrant plumeria blossoms. The tall, verdant mountains of Hawaii are visible in the distance, and on the left side of the painting are traditional Hawaiian musical instruments made with gourds, called Ipu. These young dancers are members of a local Halau, or Hula School. Sitting down between performances of the hula dance, the girl on the left gazes at the one on the right, whose eyes appear to be cast downward. Their physical closeness and body language give a sense of intimacy and affection, shared only between them. Their bodies and heads are turned facing each other and their backs are to the viewer- these young dancers are in their own world, if only until the next dance.

Original Oil Painting on Canvas 24" x 30" - SOLD

Giclee prints available in various sizes:

11" x 14" matted giclée print on paper: $50.00
16" x 20" matted giclée print on paper: $100.00

16" x 20" giclée print on canvas. $225.00

24" x 30" giclée print on canvas. $500.00

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