Drama Queen

Drama Queen
Drama Queen

Drama Queen

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True to the name of the artwork, the hibiscus flower depicted here is downright theatrical. The dark reds and oranges of the petals contrast sharply with the uniformly black background, lending this oil painting a sense of urgency and purpose. The petals almost seem to be revolving around the central pistil, undulating back and forth as if engaging in an interpretive dance. At the top of the pistil stands the proud, regal stigma, the heroine of this drama and the center point of the entire canvas. Drama Queen’s climactic, tropical energy will bring a sense of rhythm and purpose to any room or wall.

Original oil painting on canvas 12" x 16" - SOLD

Giclée art prints on paper for sale in various sizes:

11" x 14" matted giclée print $40.00

16" x 20" matted giclée print $90.00

Giclées on canvas available on request. Please contact Carol if you wish to make an inquiry.

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