"I find Carol's attention to detail refreshing and I have admired Carol's work for years". Alex A *(August 2017)

"We've owned "Spring Morning" (early 1990's), "March" (1994 - maple tree tapping) and "October" (1994 - pumpkins) for many years now. We enjoy them today (2017) and will forever more." Michael & Judith L.

"As native New Englanders, your etchings are a pure treat for the soul.” F.J.

"Thank you for your wonderful work. I have carried your artworks out of New England with me, and with a simple glance am reminded of the natural beauty of the area." J.C. from Ann Arbor

"I have collected Carol Collette etchings for almost 15 years now. Everything she creates is imaginative, showing clear representations of the month / season, or time of day. Her Winter evening scenes are among my favorites because of the feeling of a "quiet cold" they portray."

"The feeling evoked was so powerful I swear I could smell the awakening earth as I looked into the picture. I could feel the cool, yielding roughness of the lichen-covered stone fence under my hands. It was wonderful! Thank you for adding a special glow to my memories of New England!" T.K. from North Carolina

"I wish I could convey to you the pleasure I get from sitting in my living room (usually in my rocking chair) staring at your etching Reverie. I get completely lost in it - for a few minutes I can find peace. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with me.”

“I love your etchings. I lived in New England for 37 years and your artwork takes me right back to nights when I would walk through snowdrifts after the front moved through and the sky was dark but crystal clear. Thank you for your art!” D.A. of Georgia

“Wow! Great to find your site! We've had your work for 15 years! (It's traveled all around the country with us, actually, without a scratch!). Thanks again for the masterful art! Sharon & Paul