About Carol

Born in Toronto, Canada and educated at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Carol Collette is an internationally known printmaker and painter. From an early age Carol had an interest in art and an eye for things of beauty. Her first job was as a fashion illustrator in Quebec City, where she met her future husband John Collette in 1968 and moved to his hometown of Boston.

It was in their travels to the major museums of Europe early in their marriage that they each became fascinated by the technique of etching with its delicacy of detail and richness and variety of tone. They were inspired to direct their art toward the medium of etching.

Upon returning from Europe, Carol began a series of pen and ink sketches of Cape Cod which served as the foundation for her early etchings. Living and working in rural New England, surrounded by familiar and favorite subjects, Carol began working on her etching technique, devoting her time to increasing her knowledge and control over one of the most demanding mediums. From the beginning, Carol painted most her etchings with watercolor and as this makes each print different, her editions are classified as "unique editions". CarolCollette has established an international reputation and her art is included in many corporate, private and public collections. Her 16th trip to Japan to visit galleries and meet collectors was in September 2016.


Carol Collette is looking toward a long and happy future as one of Americas most enduring and popular artists. She continues to create the familiar landscapes which she loves and has become known for in etching and has also found joy in painting these same rural images with oil paints. Making her days of creating artwork more varied and even more exciting, Carol draws inspiration from the lush tropical vegetation of Hawaii as well. In both her hand painted etchings and oil paintings Carol Collette explores a fine line between control and spontaneity, creating images which capture the ephemeral combination of fleeting light and shadow which makes her art truly magical.